• Crystal Lee

Survived 4 months of Dental School

Today marks the most satisfying day of this year.

The day I finished my first semester of dental school.

What a journey it has been.

I don't think I can count the exact hours I spent in pre-clinic labs trying to mount my articulator in a right way (which is literally trying to cement your fake teeth model into this thing called articulator to hold the teeth the same way your jaw does), waxing up a molar, drilling more than enough plastic teeth for cavity preparation, while trying to catch up on didactic classes as well.

Never understood why people skip classes to make up for the same class until I took classes in dental school. I had to miss as lecture just so that I can teach myself the lecture given to us a week before. I finally experienced what kinds of miracles could pulling an all nighter a day before the exam can bring.

Things I never imagined to do even in undergrad, dental school made it possible.

So I thought it will be fun to share some of the funny stories that I got to create during short (yet emotionally felt long) time as a newbie in school and add some of tips I learned through out the way for incoming students right here!

So stay tuned!


For those who already got the acceptance to their schools, CONGRATS!

To those who are still waiting, never give up!


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