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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This week I hand-wrote over 30 letters for Christmas.

It has been a while since I wrote letters instead of typing them.

There’s a beauty in using ink to write things down. First, you realize what a terrible speller you've become ever since auto-correct came around. I had to search words like ‘frantically’ or even ‘nevertheless’! Ridiculous.

I took time to write things down specifically for each person that I was going to send the letter to. I had to think back at our times together and what I thought were their best qualities to talk about.

After couple of nights with hot chocolate and carols to get me going, all of the letters were completed and they were stamped to be mailed off today.

When I came back home from the post office, I opened my bible for my daily quiet time. Reading 1 Samuel Chapter 10, I highlighted words and phrases that touched my heart.

Book of 1 Samuel talks about Saul, an ordinary young man who was made King of Israel --

the first king of Israel, to be specific.

He wasn’t rich, considering that he had to spend weeks to look for a lost donkey with a servant. He wasn’t bright or had special talent to become a monarch.

Yet when God decided to anoint this man as King, he became one.

There were struggles for sure.

Saul had to wait years to get an approval by his people and had to fight countless battles to prove himself to his nation.

But at the end, he was a King crowned by God.

God wrote letters to us filled with stories of people who lived on this Earth thousands of years ago. I wonder what his thoughts were when he picked these specific people and their lives to be read by us.

There must have been a reason.

At least for 1 Samuel 10, I saw Saul, an ordinary man who obeyed to God’s command and became the King of a nation.

I saw another character in this story named Samuel.

Samuel was the last prophet to rule Israel.

Samuel had all the power, authority, and rights as the leader of Israel before monarchy came into the picture.

Yet when God listened to Israelite’s request to have a King of their own, Samuel obeyed to God and stepped down from his leadership to hand it over to Saul.

The transition from Samuel to Saul was the most peaceful succession of power in any history.

Such peace was made possible through obedience to God.

Both Samuel and Saul obeyed God’s command not in fear of punishment but in trust in God’s eternal knowledge beyond the human mind.

Sometimes God asks us to do things that may not make any sense at that time. He call us to a place or to an assignment that may not feel right for us.

But in the midst of any doubt, I know I can rely on the stories of people who lived according to God, written in letters by God himself in a book we call the Bible.

So as I wrapped up 2017 by writing letters to the people I love, I also came up with my New Year's Resolution: Obey to God because I know he loves.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

How was your walk with Jesus this year?

Maybe the next two weeks of December might be a good time to write things up, organize your thoughts, and open up the Bible to see what God has planned for your for 2018.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and may your new years be filled with prosperity and growth within Jesus Christ, our Prince of Peace.

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