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GAP YEAR, here we go

Last month, I went to my 3rd interview for dental school.

Unlike my previous ones, this particular school asked students to stand up and introduce ourselves.

How this awkward 5 minutes will go on gets determined by the first one to go.

This guy who volunteered to go first shared his name, school, and what he has been doing for this past few months. (why?)

So we all answered the same questions.

Everyone seemed to be either finishing their last year of college or working at dental labs and dentist office for their gap year.

Then it was my turn and I don’t know why, but at that moment I thought I’ll just go ahead and be honest. So I honestly told everyone including the head professor of the dental school that for the few months of my gap year I have been on my bed watching Netflix all day.

I finished my 3rd run of Parks and Recreation, 4th run of The Office, all 6 series of Call the Midwife, and an interesting documentary called The Day I met El Chapo.

People thought I was being funny. But nope.

Since I finished taking my DAT in August, I have been doing nothing.

I barely stepped out of my house unless it was 100% necessary.

I wished I was doing something worthwhile after all to talk about it during my interviews. But for some reason I didn’t even want to move my finger.

Such feeling went on for days, weeks and months and the new year eventually came.

Now I only have about a week left to go back to school to finish off couple of pre reqs for dental school as a post graduate.

And just until last night, I hated the idea of having to do something, an agenda.

In about a week, I have to wake up at a certain time to get to classes two times a week.

Both science courses have lab portions.

It is still so cold here in NY.

(I have an ice rink formed after 3 days of snow storm by the front door stairs. Quite funny to watch my family getting in and out of the house)

But this morning, I realized this spring semester will be the only time in my life, before starting dental school this upcoming August, that I will get to enjoy learning.

Since day 1 as a pre dental, classes simply meant another obstacle to get through to get into dental school. Test and quiz scores were what mattered and not really if I l’iked’ the subject.

That was a luxury in the world of competition and especially if you’re a normal biology major.

There was no time to actually understand the subject.

We all just somehow had to go through each semester faking ourselves and the professors that we know what the material is about.

When I start school next week, of course I have maintain certain grades, but it will mean much more than getting a good letter on my exam and get the hell out.

I will actually be more relaxed in classes to the point where I might truly understand the topic and like learning about it.

It will be 4 months of rediscovering myself as a learner.

As I’m typing up my thoughts, I now realize how nerdy this whole realization sounds.

I thought it will be more dramatic explaining the major breakthrough from my negative/lazy attitude for the past few months, but I guess it only sounded good inside my head. ha.

Well so my gap year will continue on but in a slightly different way.

I am now quite excited.

I get to go back to campus where I started my first year of college.

I’ll perhaps make a visit to some of my favorite professors after 3 years and catch up.

A click inside your head with positivity could really be a spoonful of sugar after all heh?

I know things may not seem perfect for most of us right now.

We might be in the midst of doing something we hate the most or something we rather not do. But I know whatever task we might face, we can get through things much easier when we put up with it with a smile. Even if you don’t mean it.

Hope y’all first week of 2018 went well.

New year means new challenges, tasks, surprises, and new moments with people.

Let’s cherish each day and collect all the good and the bad for next 12 months to look back at it with giggles and some wine later on.

I will finish this essay that turned out to be quite like a boring journal with a quote from one of my favorite movie About Time.

(If you haven’t watched this yet, do it now and you can thank me later).

Thanks for reading until the end.

God Bless and a Happy New Year Everyone!



“The truth is, I now don't travel back at all, not even for a day. I just try to live everyday as if I have deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it... As if it was the full, final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.”

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